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Letting your property

We go the extra mile to PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY

Some people assume that anybody with landlord status is a wealthy property tycoon – and they possibly are. But more often than not a landlord is somebody who has worked hard to invest in property. The team at P&R Property has more than 40 years’ experience in helping landlords to manage and protect such investments. In short, we understand your needs and priorities – whether you have one or an entire portfolio of properties to rent out.

The rental sector is heavily legislated with immense regulation placed on both tenant and landlord. The team at P&R Property can help you meet your obligation as a landlord – and eliminate the stress that can accompany this process.


  • Top-class, tailored service
  • Huge database of potential tenants
  • Focused on both landlord and tenant needs
  • Marketing of rental properties
  • Up-to-date on rental regulations
  • Stringent screening service for potential tenants
  • Lease preparation
  • Rental property inspections

P&R Property offers a full rental property management service. This means that we’ll sort out any issues that your tenant may have, quickly and efficient. For landlords, this enhances the chance of having happy tenants who will pay their rent on time and keep your property in excellent working order, thus protecting your investment.

Please call 01582 720 777 or email us on to find out how we can help you find the perfect property.